• Centuries old tradition of elegant living. 
  • Two well appointed air-conditioned suites with period and antique furniture and attached bath.
  • Full Board (All Meals).
  • Bed tea/coffee served in room. 
  • Internet and laundry facilities. 
  • Air-conditioned vehicles arranged on request.*
  • English speaking guide. 
  • Doctor on call.
  • Extensive library with books as old as 200 years old.

You will be taken back to the British era, where you will be served a 7 course sit down dinner of continental dishes at a beautifully set table with plates changed after every dish. Shepherd’s pie, chicken roast, fish pie, meat loaf, Irish stew, traditional custard pudding are just a few of the dishes of the bygone era that you can relish.



Cooking Demonstration
Demonstration of Syrian Christian cuisine could be arranged on prior request, on payment of extra charges.

A recipe book of 30 Syrian Christian favourites served at our home has been published and is available at all leading book stalls and on amazon.com



Eating at the Nazarani Tharawad is an experience.
Enjoy the traditional nazarani sadhya (lunch) on banana leaf with vegetarian dishes like avail, kalan, olan, pachadi and non-vegetarian dishes such as fish pollichatatu in banana leaf, varieties of appams (rice breads) served with stew, kadai (quail) curry served with kallappam, traditional duck roast, beef olarthiyathu, cheerupayar payasam (a dessert), pani (a sweet syrup from coconut or Palmyra toddy) served with plantains.
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